Hello, I’m Juan Santiago and I’d like to welcome you to my Music Bio page. I started to learn music from my uncle, Hector Miranda, at the age of eight. He played acoustic guitar with a Spanish singing trio playing old classic ballads and folk songs from Puerto Rico as well as some American pop oldies from the early sixties. My parents saw the enthusiasm I had for music and so they decided to buy me a guitar. My uncle would play from old records and so I started playing along with these records as well as what was currently playing on the radio. This is what started me on my journey to listen intensely to music and playing chords until the music “sounded right” to me. It wasn’t until high school that I learned to read and write music which started my “transcribing” skills, writing down what I actually heard.

While in high school, I started to take an interest in the piano and realized it was easier to compose music on piano than guitar.

I also started to learn Latin Percussion and the alto Saxophone and while I really enjoyed playing those instruments, I would always go back to either guitar or piano. I joined the Air Force after high school and I can remember whenever I had free time from my daily military schedule, I would always go to the local airman’s club where there would be a rusty old piano for me to pass the time.

      I remember while stationed in New Mexico, I joined a local Mexican band that played mostly Santana cover tunes where I played Latin Percussion and Timbales. After my stint with the military I joined a few local bands in New York City but those bands eventually broke up. During the late seventies I was introduced to a friend who was a highly skilled DJ (Eric Mateo). He taught me a great deal about sound reinforcement and PA systems and how to build a recording studio. Afterwards, I started to learn on my own the basics of virtual electronic music which involved technologies such as Midi, Sequencing, sound patch editing, Sampling and Digital Recording. While living in the Bronx I attended two semesters at Lehman College where I studied music but was not able to complete the Bachelors of Music program because of other commitments. It was there at Lehman where I started to learn more about band arranging and started to write my own arrangements with the help of Notation software as well as traditional music copying by hand.

I have decided to create this website to share my musical experiences and offer my services as an arranger, recording engineer and performing musician in Latin, Jazz and all genres of music. If you’d like more information please email me.

• Available for keyboards, guitar (Acoustic/Electric), Vocals, Bass, Alto Sax, Melodica and Percussion

• Arrange charts for small or big band in any genre of music (I can furnish hard copy, PDF’s and Midi files)

• Compose and produce music in most genres and always open to collaboration (Digital and Acoustic)

• Digital and Analog Multi-track Recording using Cubase and/or Logic Pro

• Graphic Services, CD Design, Web design and Motion Graphics